Dr. Hazel Aranha is President of Gaea Resources Inc., a company focused on regulatory consulting and medical communications.

   She has a Masterís degree in Virology, Ph.D. in Environmental Microbiology and holds Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC) for the US and European Union.

   Her 28 years experience covers academia, industry and consulting. She is a well-acknowledged authority in the area of virus and prion clearance from biologicals and biopharmaceuticals and has written books on these specific topics.

   She is an active member of the PDA/FDA subcommittees on virus filter nomenclature standardization, virus spike standardization and on the editorial advisory board of BioProcess International Journal. She has been a speaker at various forums on viral clearance in the United States and globally and has conducted courses for industry on viral clearance.

  She has to her credit over 40 publications and 4 book chapters.

  Prior to her current position, she worked at Wyeth Vaccines as a medical writer and compliance consultant.

  I have a Ph.D. in Microbiology and a degree in Education. I also hold Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC) offered by the Regulatory Affairs Professional Society (RAPS).

I have been affiliated with industry and academia for the last 25 years.

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Was cited in "Women in Biotech in the Twenty-First Century"

On the Scientific Advisory Committee of Professional Conference Organizations and on the Editorial Advisory Board of Industry Journals.

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